Advanced Nutrition Programme

This is a range of supplements specifically designed to support the function, health and quality of your skin. Top quality vitamins, minerals and plant extracts are used to provide essential nutrients which enable the skin to produce healthier cells, slowing environmental and intrinsic ageing. The range feeds the skin by providing the Optimal Daily Allowance of vitamins as opposed to the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) we often see on packaging. The smaller amounts of a RDA are often used up on the bodies vital organs leaving little for the skin. Taking these supplements clients will notice a visible improvement in the colour, tone and brightness of the skin. The hydration of the skin improves and therefore lines and wrinkles reduce. The Advanced Nutrition Programme forms part of the Institute of Anti Ageing and goes hand in hand with Environ and Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. This range Feeds the skin, whilst Environ Fortifies the skin and Jane Iredale Finishes with a protective SPF.

Finding Us
We are a ground floor Salon. Stubby Lane is situated off the Lichfield Road by the Albion Pub, less than 5 minutes from Wednesfield town centre. There is free parking, or alternatively the 528 bus stops by the Salon.
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