Swedish body massage

Relaxing manipulation of the soft tissues, improves circulation, eases tension and gives general feeling of well being.

Full Body Massage (1 hour)
Ladies only
Back Massage (1/2 hour)
Ladies or Gentlemen


Indian head massage

Holistic treatment for relaxing the mind and body, particularly beneficial for those with shoulder tension.

1/2 hour


Hot Stone Therapy

Deeply relaxing and warming, this treatment is truly indulgent.
Warm Basalt stones are strategically placed on the body whilst the Therapist uses a combination of her hands and stones to melt away tension and restore balance to the mind and body.

Hot Stone Massage – Full Body
1 hour Ladies only
Hot Stone Massage – Back Treatment
1/2 hour Ladies & Gentlemen
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Finding Us

We are a ground floor Salon. Stubby Lane is situated off the Lichfield Road by the Lancaster Pub, less than 5 minutes from Wednesfield town centre.

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