Shellac Nails

A revolutionary hybrid nail system. Performed as a standard manicure or pedicure this treatment uses a longer lasting Shellac polish. The Shellac paints on like a normal nail polish which is then cured with a UV lamp. A lasting high shine finish is achieved in a variety of colours or french, which can resist chipping, peeling and lifting for up to 2 weeks. The Shellac will then require soaking off as there is no infill with this system like gel or acrylic nails. This exciting new manicure system causes no damage to the natural nail. Due to the strength of the Shellac polish many clients notice improved nail growth as they are less likely to break as with normal nail polishes.



Shellac Manicure
Nails are shaped, cuticles treated, Shellac polish applied from choice of colours. A hand massage finishes treatment.


Shellac Pedicure
Nails are shaped, superfical hard skin removed with paddle file, cuticles treated, relaxing foot bath given, Shellac polish applied from choice of colours and foot massage given to complete treament.


Soak off and reapplication
When having another Shellac Manicure or Shellac Pedicure in same visit as soak off then removal fee is 50% cheaper.


Soak off and no reapplication.
Shellac polish is removed, nails cleansed and hand or foot lotion massaged in.
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